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News from HANNIE 


news from hannie


7th of June 2018

Did a little interview with The Upcoming. Read it here

6th of june 2018

We did a new update on our Spotify playlist! Check it out here

28th of May 2018

We had so much fun doing a little acoustic performance and interview with Wandsworth Radio. 

Target live on Wandsworth Radio featuring Clara Hurtado on vocals

25th of april 2018

Had so much fun chatting to OneStopRecordShop about our latest single, socks and women in music. Plus we took a few funny pictures with them so it's definitely worth checking it out! Click here to read the full interview and see all the pictures! 

16th of April 2018

We did a little interview with Yamaha, talking about our Passion for music, Yamaha and other things. 

16th of April 2018

We are so grateful that we had the opportunity to speak on the "Women in Music" Panel with Yamaha in Frankfurt at the Frankfurter Musikmesse. Watch the full Panel below. 

Check out our incredible panel, discussing women in music with Sian Anderson (BBC radio 1 / Noisey), YolanDa Brown (award winning saxophonist), Hannah and Annie (duo called HANNIE) How far they have come, the turning points of their careers and a follow up Q&A.

6th of april 2018

Target premiered on Clash Magazine. Check it out here! 

6th of april 2018

We released our second single TARGET featuring the amazing Ralph! So excited for you all to hear it. And even more excited that it got put on New Music Friday Spotify playlists in the UK, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Turkey, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, ... Listen here!

9th of february 2018

"HANNIE: We've signed up to the Mars Mission already" We did a little interview with The Fountain. Click below to read the rest about our plans for the future, space and gigging plans! 

9th of february 2018

We're Artist of the week and this is probably one of the best descriptions of Cosmic Bound we've come across. "(...) a sultry mix of pop aesthetics and a tropical vibe that sees them team up with fellow newcomer Carys Selvey to create a slice of pure summertime gold." - by Mystic Sons.

5th of february 2018

Click below to read about Hairstyles, our new Single and Girls in Music. By LOCK Magazine

4th of february 2018

“We want to be a step towards putting more girls,  as musicians, in the music industry. This is the most fun we’ve ever had, and can’t wait to share these tunes with everyone."

Thanks for featuring us Rockshot Magazine. Click here to read the rest of the article!

2nd of february 2018

Single review in VENTS Magazine. Click below to read the full blog post. 

2nd of february 2018

We're so insanely excited to release our first Single COSMIC BOUND featuring Carys Selvey! Click here to listen now on ALL platforms! 

15th of january 2017

We had a lot of fun doing this interview with Wriinkle back in December, and now it's available to be listened to and watched. Check BELOW! :) 

It's Wriinkle Podcast #007 and we're speaking to Hannie! Hannie is made up of Annie Wagstaff & Hannah Koppenburg, session musicians who write and perform music together. They've already built a strong (and growing!) fanbase by posting videos of them performing together on Instagram.

5th of January 2017

Super cool to be on the list for TOP ARTISTS TO WATCH IN 2018. Thanks PickUp! Click HERE if you want to read the article! 

17th of December 2017

We just updated our Spotify Playlist 'HANNIE Jams' with some of our favourite songs. Click here to listen. 

26th of November 2017

Can't believe our HANNIE TEES are finally here! We are so excited to share them with you and guess what, they're 100% organic cotton and fair-trade and we designed them together with our friends from Idioma. Basically, they look AND feel AMAZING! Trust us! Plus, we ship them literally EVERYWHERE! Have a look in our Store and pick your favourites! Can't wait to see you wear them! xx


PS: don't forget to share them with us using #HANNIETEE or #HANNIEPLAYS

7th of November 2017

We got to be part of George Holiday's Gameshow Fundraiser for BBC Children In Need! Watch the video below to see if we win or lose? 

21st of September 2017

We had a little jam with Zak Abel and his band for his new Song 'Only When We're Naked'. Click on the video to see it! 



We had so much fun shooting this video with Wild Island Films and the super talented Kimmy Beatbox at the Truman Brewery London. This is our original 'One Take'. 

One Take - by HANNIE (feat. Kimmy Beatbox)

23rd of July 2017

We had a great time being part of Eddy Barcos Nebula Music Podcast. If you want to listen to the full episode just click on the link above. 


See our latest Instagram videos and pictures here and find out what we've been up to!